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My cup of tea.

~synonymic bliss~

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Hi! How about a nice sit down and a cuppa tea?

~german beta-ing and sayings~

You're writing a fanfiction and aren't sure what a german character would say? Post your desired text or your own translation, and we'll help out as good as we can!

Care to share and explain a saying that you use frequently? Share the original with translation? Or maybe your country's sayings can't be translated? Explain what it means anyway, maybe even why non-Insider can't get it? Or share things you think should be declared a saying, because you say so.

Do you loathe it when people use sayings wrong? And they do so often!!! @_@
Is there something you hear people say or use that will make you pop an artery when you have to hear/read it one more time?
Share your pain without obligations! You'll find kindred spirits here.

Fluid in a foreign language or even your own but lacking a variety of sayings? Been dazzled by sentences like "Legolas getting porked" or demands to "shut your pie hole"? No-one around to explain it to you?

Hopefully this community will serve your vocabular-deprived needs! ^_^

Currently, I'm planning to supply german sayings plus translations here, because I can. Feel free to discuss the translation, if there is a better one. EN is my second language so inaccuracies will happen.

Accepting sayings etc in all languages, as long as an english translation is provided. Give others a chance to learn more, or have a laugh; or ask questions yourself.

Whatever floats your boat! If this community isn't your cup of tea, go lookie at this nice little "Back" button.


1. Be nice. Well, you're welcome to be rude when you know your partner can handle it, but to avoid insulting other people you should be polite.

2. To keep things easy to read, you can use a scheme like this. Not obligatory.
Literal translation:
Meaning/When to use:

3. Wether your contribution belongs to the real life or fanfiction, everything's equally welcome! You're required to put up a warning and hide slippery things behind LJ-cuts though, to give people a chance to avoid reading through your private synonym collection for "male genitals"...

4. There's no obligations regarding frequency of posting and commenting, but naturally it's nice to have discussions every now and then. Participate only when you feel like it, no sweat! ^_~

5. Have fun!

Actually, if you want to share something else, do so. Just put "OT" in the subject and use a LJ-cut. It's going to be quite laid back here for now. I hope people get interested, else I'll keep up my monologue and blabber to myself XD