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translation [Feb. 21st, 2005|02:03 pm]



I abandon all form, but it's just for myself so... :P

Daegar's requests:
They're quite polite :D

I like to do it doggy-style
- "Doggy-style mag ich am liebsten!" (term is used in german just like that). "Ich habs gerne von hinten" or as demand: "Nimm mich von hinten" (=take me from behind)

I prefer strawberry-flavoured lube
- "Ich bevorzuge Gleitmittel mit Erdbeergeschmack!"

I like ribbed dildoes
- "Oh, ich liebe genoppte (gerippte) Dildos" /"Ich mag Dildos mit Noppen!" You don't really use "ribbed" in german. Okay, I wouldn't know because I certainly never used anything ribbed :P

I want a blowjob
- "Kannst du mir einen blasen?"/ "Blas mir einen!" or "suck my dick"="Lutsch meinen Schwanz!"

These were the things Nagi made Omi say, the little brat!